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A barcode is a machine readable alphanumeric code that consists of different widths and spacings. Barcodes can also be printed onto plastic cards. Thus numeric sequences such as customer numbers, product numbers… can be encoded.
The barcoded card can be read by special barcode scanners, and the output entered into a computer to link the product with such factors as price and stock level

Barcode cards is a reference number and has ID data encoded in it, and that data is used by a computer to look up all specific information associated with the data. Bar code scanners are used for reading bar codes. They scan the bar code, decode the information and transmit it typically to a computer. Based upon scanning technology the scanners can be classified as CCD (Charged Couple Device) and Laser scanners. From application point of view, the scanners can be classified as Hand Held Scanners, Fixed Mount, Flatbed and Cordless scanners.

Barcode (EAN 13, EAN 8, Code 128, Code 3 of 9, UPC-A, UPC-B etc. )

  • Standard size is rectangular 2 1/8" x 3 3/8" with rounded corners.
  • Standard available thickness comes in .011" - .030". Other thickness is also available.
  • Full color or PMS colour process on one or both sides
  • Thermal printing of text, name, PIN numbers or automated lists may be printed directly on each piece
  • Embossing with gold, silver, or black tipping(other colors available for 5k or more).
  • Hole punching - slot, round, various sizes and shapes are available.
  • Sequential numbering or individual serial numbering with provided database
  • Signature and custom signature panels are available
  • Scratch-off overlay panels for special promotions and contests.
  • Hi-Co or Lo-Co Magnetic stripe encoding on tracks 1, 2, or 3
  • Bar coding in multiple formats available.
  • Multiple finishes like Matte, Frosted, or UV coated
  • White stock PVC, Clear, or Frosted Clear.
  • Foil Stamping in gold or silver for a brilliant attraction.
  • Metallic colors in gold or silver for a sparkling look.
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BarCode card provide customers with the ease and facility of user-friendly payment when they purchase something and they are cost-effective. These Plastic barcodes cards are issued by merchants as an alternate mode of payment instead of cash. It can be used with credit or debit card and can also be used in place of cash. A monetary value is placed on the card by the bar code. The customer can now heave a sigh of relief as they no more have to carry with them huge amounts of money.

Barcode card are the most cost effective, readable media available on a card product and are easy to read with a variety of card reading equipment. Since they are also easy to reproduce, they do not lend themselves to secure transactions. Barcodes encode information using lines and blank spaces of varying size and thickness to represent alphanumeric characters in single or multiple levels and are used for non-secure applications such as libraries, laboratories and inventory management.Plastic Barcode cards technology is available as part of the plastic card id system and may used in conjunction with photos, signatures, and fingerprints to produce attractive plastic id cards for a wide variety of applications. Our Plastic BarCode Card are provided as per our client's requirement..

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