Product Information

SLE5528 is the updated version of SLE4428, which is one of the most popular chip card that used in security area, such as access control, loyalty, e-ticket, etc…Also flat surface, good printing, accurate chip position, strong production capacity, etc…are always our duties! The striking advantages are stable function and the most cost-efficient price!

Synchronous communication protocol, ISO 7816 compatible
100% functional compatibility to SLE 4428
1024 x 8 bit EEPROM organization of Data Memory
1024 x 1 bit Protection Memory
Byte-wise write protection of Data Memory (one time programmable)
Not alterable Manufacturer Code (chip coding and unique coding by application identifier
RID according to ISO/IEC 7816-5)
Data Memory alterable only after verification of 2 Byte PSC
PSC verification trials limited by Error Counter
Serial synchronous three-wire link protocol according to ISO/IEC 7816
Byte-wise addressing
End of processing indicated at data output
Contact configuration and Answer-to-Reset (synchronous transmission) in accordance to standard ISO/IEC 7816

    Product name:SLE5528
    Mateial: PVC
    Surface: Glossy or matte
    Color: White
    Size: 85.5x54x0.82mm
    Working temp.: -25º Cto 50º C
    Storage temp.: -25º Cto 50º C
    Weight per card: 6 grams
    Package: 200pcs/box


    Print: offset, silkscreen, thermal printing
    Serial number printing: thermal or inkjet format
    Signature panel, Scratch off, Hologram, Laser film
    Magnetic stripe: LoCo 300 Oe, HiCo 2750 Oe or 4000 Oe
    Embossing, Hot-stamping, Hole punching
    Encoding, UV printing, Color photo printing
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