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Product Information

UCODE EPC G2 IC is a dedicated chip for passive, intelligent tags and labels supporting the EPC global class 1 gen2 standard. It is especially suited for supply chain management and logistics applications where operating distances of several meters and high anti-collision rates are required
    Product name: RF Cards (UCODE EPC G2)
    Mateial: PVC
    Surface: Glossy or matte
    Color: White
    Size: 85.5x54x0.82mm
    Frequency: 860-960MHz
    Memory: 512bit read/write
    Protocol: EPC global class 1 gen2, ISO18000-6C
    Reading distance: Up to 7m in the US and 6.6m in Europe(depending on antenna geometry)
    Working temp.: -25º Cto 50º C
    Storage temp.: -25º Cto 50º C
    Weight per card: 6 grams
    Package: 200pcs/box


    Supply chain management,
    Asset management,
    Container identification,
    Pallet & case tracking


    Print: offset, silkscreen, thermal printing
    Serial number printing: thermal or inkjet format
    Signature panel, Scratch off, Hologram, Laser film
    Magnetic stripe: LoCo 300 Oe, HiCo 2750 Oe or 4000 Oe
    Embossing, Hot-stamping, Hole punching
    Encoding, UV printing, Color photo printing
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