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UHF Card (Ultra High Frequency card)
Secura Key UHF Gen 2 credentials are compatible with all EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 certified readers. They have an extended 240-bit EPC number and a 64-bit tag identifier, including a 32-bit unique serial number. Secura Key UHF card and tags provide a unique custom command set, such as Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for increased theft protection, Read Protect, which prevents unauthorized chip memory access, and Calibrate, which makes it easier to optimize the reader to tag communication. All custom commands are 32-bit access password protected. These passive (no-battery) credentials offer fast data communication and consistent read range. While many applications such as supply chain management, asset tracking, and container identification are addressed with UHF labels or active tags; Secura Key’s UHF card and keytags are an excellent complement to these systems.

A UHF card can be used to authorize a supply chain transaction, to enter a controlled warehouse, to use a “smart forklift,” to unlock a smart shipping container, or log onto a terminal for any track and trace application. Other applications include access control, public transportation, customer loyalty programs, automotive vehicle identification, time and attendance, music or sports event attendance, sports timing and tracking, ski lift applications, tracking disaster evacuees, for patient triage in mass emergencies, or for tracking evidence.

The Secura Key UHF ISO Card (ASCI) offers the ability to add photo identification directly on the credential. The UHF card is a standard CR80 form factor, and it also meets strict ISO 7810 dimensional and thickness standards for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers. The UHF ISO Card can be carried with credit cards in a wallet or purse. Use it with a strap and clip as a photo ID badge. It can be slot punched vertically or horizontally for easy use. The ISO Card is strong, flexible, and resistant to cracking and breaking. Available options include an un-encoded magnetic stripe and custom artwork. External laser engraved card numbering is available.

The Secura Key UHF Key Tag (ASST/ASKT) provides the convenience of a thick, rugged PVC key tag that is durable in a harsh environment. This key tag is the size of a typical automotive key and offers custom artwork printing capabilities on both sides of the tag. This credential can be placed on a key ring or clipped on a lanyard. External laser engraved card numbering is available. The ASST features a trapezoidal design, while the ASKT has a rounded end and allows an optional eyelet for added durability.

Key Feature of the UHF ISO Card

UHF Card Dimensions: CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
UHF Card Thickness: 0.84mm
UHF Card Material: PVC, PET
UHF Card Card Surface: Matte/ gloss fnish
UHF Card Housing: Lamination
UHF Card Reading Distance: 6 m typically
UHF Card Data stotage time: 10 years
UHF Card Package: 200pcs per Inner Box; 20 Inner Boxes per Carton, each Carton gross weight at 28KGs

OffsetPrintCN Technologies Co.,Ltd supply UHF Card (Ultra High Frequency card), The UHF ISO Card provides both long-range identification and muti-card read/write capability, The UHF card is used in applications from access control, staff identifcation to customer loyalty programs.We produce the UHF white blank card, and per-printed card.The card have super edge-on, stacking performance with high performance inlay options.

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