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How to use scratch off stickers in your business
How do you create your own scratch off cards just like the lottery tickets? Scratch off marketing is as simple as using scratch off stickers. Scratch off stickers and scratch off cards are very versatile forms of marketing. You can use them to both attract new clients by using them as an incentive, and as a reward to buyers to show customer appreciation. You're only limited by your imagination on how you can use scratch off cards for marketing.

Create your promotion on a business card or post card. You can design a scratch off card in your graphics program, or hire a graphics designer. Print your promotion directly on your card. After it is printed you can apply your scratch off stickers over the promotion. To apply the scratch off stickers, peel the scratch off sticker from the liner and apply over your promotion. It really is that easy. Now your promotion is a scratch off card ready for your eager customer to scratch and get rewarded.

Scratch off marketing ideas:
Direct Marketers -- Use as an incentive to sign up to book a party. Simply place a bowl of scratch off cards in the middle of the table. Offer them to the party guests with the caveat: You may win a prize, or you may be required to book a party within the next thirty days.

 Retail Stores -- Bricks and mortar stores can get in on the scratch off marketing game too. Give out scratch offs as customers walk through the door. It's fun to scratch them to see what you might win! Customers can win percents off, BOGO offers, and even a shopping spree! (Great for a grand opening!)

Coffee Shop -- A juice shop, or coffee shop can use scratch offs as incentives to buy more, or as customer loyalty gifts. Nothing is more fun than ending up with a free purchase of something you were already going to buy anyway. Or, you can bring them bring them back in the door with a percents off.

Medical Professionals -- When you go to the Denist you usually get a premium in the form of a tooth brush and floss. A scratch off sticker added on the floss would be an excellent customer incentive. Give a percents off or a free service. Another idea is to ask them to give the scratch off to a friend to bring in new clients.

We've been in business for over 6 years, offer excellent customer service and offer a money back guarantee. Best of all, all of our products are made in China.

Our scratch off stickers prices have been lowered, saving you money. You can save hundreds of dollars and create your own scratch off cards for pennies. Our scratch off sticker sampler packs are a great way to test out the quality of our stickers and get a great assortment of scratch off card.

sign and print your scratch off card
After you have designed and printed your scratch off card, you peel our scratch off sticker off the liner and apply over the words printed on your scratch off card. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Use scratch off stickers to make your own affordable marketing materials such as: scratch off business cards, bookmarks, invitations, or postcards. You can also design your own hostess incentives, direct sales marketing postcards and much more.

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