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Frosted Card have become the new hot option for plastic business cards. These cards are a sturdy, waterproof, plastic card with a unique surface that acts as a lens distorting what is behind the card based on how far away it is.

The textured surface on our frosted plastic business cards also add to the cards durability and scratch resistance. If you're looking for a new clear plastic card consider our frosted card stock, you'll be happy you did

Frosted Card Advantages
Durable: Frosted Card Stock is more durable than the standard clear plastic card. It resists scratching and scuffing.

Contrast: Since the frosted card is not entirely transparent it has the added benefit of providing some contrast for your design. Your business card is sure to pop even on darker surfaces. see example...

Waterproof: All Plastic Business Cards, including frosted are waterproof and tearproof. You don't have to worry about people running your card through the wash, spilling coffee on it, or anything else. see example...

We design and develop a unique range of frosted card that are ideal for business card, promotional card, discount card and gift cards. Attractively designed by our creative team, these cards are available in host of colors and sizes. Our range of frosted card have gained popularity due to the special effects that are incorporated into the design. Developed on frosted satin plastic card stock, our cards are anti-scratching, water resistant and last for a long period of time.


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