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Luggage Tags: Printable Luggage ID Tags

Every traveler has felt the panic of not knowing which black bag on the luggage carousel is theirs. But with a unique luggage tag from Offsetpringcn.com, those stressful moments can be a thing of the past. That's because our collection of customizable luggage tags makes it possible to personalize your luggage ID tags with colorful artwork or your company's latest logo. Traditional and alternative uses for luggage tags: To label luggage, making it easier to find at the airport: This may seem like an obvious use, but many people rely on those paper bag tags and they tend to smear, tear or fall off altogether. As a general label on a briefcase: When you're at a conference, everyone's briefcase looks alike. By using a luggage tag on yours, you will know which one to take home. On your lunchbox or lunch container: How many times has someone told you "I thought it was mine" when it's obviously not their lunch, it's yours? Logo luggage tag uses: Trade shows: Every person who comes to your booth and takes your logo with them is a potential new customer. Gifts: Everyone loves free merchandise that's actually useful. Luggage tags are certainly that. Other Events: Giving away your logo is like free advertising for your organization. Engraved luggage tag uses: Gifts that are personalized with luggage tags have the most impact. When you show your clients that you put enough thought into their gift that you actually took the extra step of personalizing a luggage tag and attaching it to, say, a bag that they can use on their next vacation, your clients will feel honored and remember the gesture. This goes a long way when your clients are deciding on whether or not you're going to be working with them in the future. Giving your clients a keepsake that lingers in their offices as reminders of who they should work with in the future is a great, inexpensive and highly effective marketing tool. Shop our complete collection to find the luggage tags you need..

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