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PLASTIC PHONE cards / CALLING CARDS Pre-paid phone and calling cards are great MONEY SAVERS! They significantly reduce phone costs, especially for people on the move: business travelers, college students, vacationers, migrants, and everyone else who wants to save on their phone usage. They offer convenience, reliability - everyday and in emergency situations. If you currently own a retail establishment and sell phone cards or want to take advantage of our phone card opportunities, please contact our office at(0086)594 2720150 today.

Plastic Phone Cards

At Accurate Plastic Printers, we specialize in the production of high-quality, low-cost, custom-made plastic phone cards.
   We can produce plastic phone cards with PINs, serial numbers, scratch-off panels and bar codes if required.
   Plastic phone cards can be manufactured in thicknesses ranging from .010” to .030”. We offer a wide variety of finishes, including: U.V. coated, film laminated or matte finish.
   Our extensive plastic phone card finishing services include die-cutting, eyelet punching, and heat bending.

Plastic Phone Cards and Prepaid Cards Printing

Plastic Phone Cards are a thriving profit center and an extremely effective marketing medium. This proven prepaid card concept is now successfully used for cellular, Internet and other services. As a marketing tool, phone cards are used as incentives, gifts with purchase, business cards, fund-raisers, thank-you's and lots more.

Our custom phone cards and calling cards with stunning graphics are surprising affordable. Call us at (0086)594 2720150 and we'll be happy to help you design your successful phone card program.

Plastic Phone Cards and Calling Cards options:

Complete design services available or provide your own ready art.

  • Card thickness ranges from .012" to .030".
  • Shapes can be rectangular or practically any imaginative die cut.
  • Up to six colors can be specified for both sides.
  • Metallic inks, foil imprints, holograms, and signature panels are options.
  • Magnetic stripe encoding, high-resolution bar coding, PIN numbering, and security scratch-off panels are available.


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