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High Quality Embossing Card
Embossing is the raised character printing that you find on credit cards for your account number, name, etc. Each letter and number is individually pressed into the plastic card with alphanumeric punches and dies. Tipping is a colored foil that is applied to the embossed area on the front of the card. A plastic card that has the characters tipped with color are more attractive, helping to insure a greater sense of value to your customer. Colors most often used are gold and silver. Other colors are available.


Embossing has been the only possible way to apply machine-readable characters to a card for a long time. The single characters are stamped into the back side of the card, thus they are visible on the front side as heightened characters. Embossing remains to be a high quality way of data personalizing of a plastic card, however. The embossed characters can be dyed in metallic colors if requested, thus giving the card a dignified look

Supply Embossing Card
We offerring various kinds of IC card chip card,PVC card, smart card,made of the best PVC material,fashion designs and surely w...

We offerring various kinds of IC card chip card,PVC card, smart card,made of the best PVC material,fashion designs and surely we can made your own designs by your photos.

Embossing Card

1)Material:PVC IC card

2)Size:ISO 86x54mm,or not the standard size.


4)Available carfts:magnetic stripe,photo,embossment,hot-stamping,signature panel,barcode,serial number,water-mark etc;

5)Application: paper card, PVC card, prepaid phone card, telecom card, lottery card, scratch card, IP card, menber card, game card, internet card, gift card, plastic card.

6)Professional designs based on your specific requirement.

7)Various carfts,shapes and sizes are available

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